The joint programme is substantially driven by the knowledge management process and it is being carried out under component 3 (generating and utilizing knowledge on safe water, sanitation and hygiene) but covering as well the processes within and lessons emanating from components 1 and 2.

The focal structure for knowledge generation and utilization are the Regional Hubs.

Below is the strategy in implementing the KM Framework for iWaSH:

Strategy Creating Sharing Storing
What will be done
  •  Deriving best practices for iWaSH from Infrastructure, Institutional Development, Policy Development
  • Integrating available KM materials (manuals, tools) to iWaSH implementing guides for Infrastructure, Institutional Development and Policy Development
  •  Creation of system of knowledge sharing
  •  Codifying implementation practices of iWaSH
  • Identification of appropriate platform for iWaSH
How it will be done
  • Creation of KM thematic teams among RHubs (with SUC as moderator)
  • Documenting practices during field implementation for Infrastructure, Institutional Development, etc.
  • Systematic recording of learning sessions (content and process)
  •  Guided “End of Learning Activity Feedbacking”
  • Regular sharing of learning documentation
  • Regional Knowledge Forum
  •  Distilling notes to be considered as “best practice”
  •  Documented practices as input to iWaSH KM products
  •  System of sharing knowledge for iWaSH
  •  Best practices to be included in the standard guidelines for implementing iWaSH


Strategy Creating Sharing
What will be done
  •  Ensuring that culture of KM is embedded among iWaSH practitioners
  •  Expanding the Knowledge Facilitators
How will it be done
  •  Creating reward system to sustain the culture of KM for iWaSH at all implementing offices
  •  Learning session on managing knowledge for iWaSH
  • Developing system of monitoring of learning developed in the implementation of iWaSH
  • Developing the Corps of iWaSH KM Champions
  •  Recognition of best KM team for iWaSH
  •  Package of Standard KM system for iWaSH