The programme’s intervention on the target municipalities are as follows:

The Proposed iWaSH Facilities

Water Infrastructures

  • Design and construction of new spring box
  • Design and construction of new water reservoir
  • Rehabilitation of transmission line
  • Design and installation of new distribution lines
  • Installation of public standposts

Sanitation Infrastructures

  • Water connection and construction of toilets and handwashing facilities in school, daycare center, health center and barangay center

Water and Infrastructure Conditions

Water Reservoir

Water Connection

Distribution Lines

Public Standpost

Service Line

On its first year of implementation, the programme targets approximately 2,000 households, especially women-headed homes, children and IP families, 3 schools, 3 health centers, and 3 important public spaces such as markets and transport terminals, in 6 waterless municipalities in 4 poorest provinces, and 3 regional knowledge hubs, in three regions.