Fragmentation of structures, policies, and programmes on safe water, improved sanitation and hygiene is one of the major predicaments that contribute to water scarcity and unhygienic sanitation.

The Joint Programme on PROWATER, together with the Regional Water and Sanitation Hub IX, conducts a results-based Integrated Safe Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Sector Planning Workshop in the municipality of Siayan, Zamboanga Del Norte, coinciding with the celebration of UN Day in the Philippines, to address the WASH fragmentation at the local level.

“This is the first municipality to do an integrated water, sanitation and hygiene sector planning in the country because sector plans for water, sanitation and hygiene are usually conducted separately. But now, we did our best to make it integrated,” according to Jaime Antonio, Jr., PROWATER National Coordinator and GAD Focal Person.

Jaime Antonio, Jr on his Welcome Message

Participated by select local government, school and health personnel and barangay officials, the sector planning workshop aims to review the PROWATER framework, concept, and programme with emphasis on the intended outcomes of the iWaSH planning process; to familiarize the participants with results-based planning and monitoring activities, iWaSH sector planning process and the current WASH situation in Siayan. Moreover, it also endeavors to validate and finalize the iWaSH Theory of Change, a methodology that illustrates how and why a desired change is expected to happen in a specific context.

Groupings of participants for the expectation check

Participants writing down their expectations for the workshop

“Maayo pa walay suga kaysa walay tubig. O maayo pa naay suga ug naay tubig. Kay ingon water is life. Ang tubig sumpay sa atong kinabuhi,” (It’s better not to have electric power rather than water; or it’s better to have an electric power, as well as water because it has been said that ‘water is life.’ Water is part of our lives), emphasized by Siayan Vice-Mayor Daisy Limbang on her opening message.

Vice Mayor Daisy Limbang on her message

The iWaSH approach ensures joint implementation of water, sanitation and hygiene. It recognizes that sanitation and hygiene programmes will not be sustainable without safe water, and vice-versa. This integration initiative will allow the local government units to see ecosystem holistically and will enable them to address fragmentation and manage their resources in an integrated manner.

The iWaSH Sector Planning Workshop will run from October 24-26, 2016 at the Training Room of Siayan Municipality. The same sector planning workshop will also be conducted in Regions V and VIII this November 2016.