The PROWATER Project Management Office has conducted an orientation and mission on the implementation of iWaSH for Regional Water and Sanitation Hub IX last September 26-27, 2016 at Jose Rizal Memorial State University in Dipolog City. The themes underlying the discussions focused on social preparation, infrastructure, gender mainstreaming, climate change adaptation, public private partnerships, knowledge management, communications and monitoring and evaluation.


During the first day, the participants were welcomed by Dr. Evelyn Campiseno, Regional Hub Coordinator and Vice-President of JRMSU, followed by a quick introduction of participants and expectation check. Verda Imperial, Consultant on Institutional Development, provided a context of Integrated Barangay Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Association (iBAWASA). Definition of roles on community organizing and a workshop on social preparation were also carried out.

On the second day, Jaime Antonio, Jr., National Programme Coordinator and GAD Focal Person, gave an opening statement. Verda Imperial continued the orientation on community organizing by presenting the roles of the RHUbs, as well as the issues on each role, i.e the status of SAC Dipolog and the historical background on why CESCOD backed out. After the discussion on community organizing, a presentation on the iWaSH implementation at the local level was given by Engr. Clodualdo de Ocampo, Consultant on Infrastructure Development. He also discussed the feasibility study and the detailed engineering design, as well as pipelaying.


Furthermore, to support the PROWATER joint programme requirements, each region will be designated with focal persons on Monitoring and Evaluation, Communications, Gender and Development, Knowledge Management and Climate Change Adaptation and Public Private Partnerships. Hence, the terms of reference for these personnel has also been presented. The day was concluded by strengthening the RHub iWaSH Implementing Structure and finalization of mission itinerary.


In this five-day activity, three days was devoted for a mission in the municipalities of Siayan and Sindangan and DILG Region IX. In these missions, an overview of iWaSH-SALINTUBIG was presented, as well as the status of SALINTUBIG projects. The team has also identified the issues and entry points for RHub’s intervention in the barangays and the critical next steps.

This fast tracking implementation of iWaSH system in Region IX will also be conducted in Regions V and VIII on October 3-8 and October 17-22, 2016, respectively.

Here are the copies of the presentations: